Swaps mortgage was a nightmare

we had a swaps element to our mortgage

Our mortgage had a swaps element in it

I took out a mortgage in 2007 for the business to expand and do some work on the building that had a swaps element to it. At the time I didn’t really understand what that was all about and we took it out after seeking advice for our then bank.

Audit threw up this swaps claim

We changed accountants recently and asked them to do a full audit before they started work on any of the more recent accounts. We left them with a mountain of paperworkin what seemed like a hundred boxes. We did have to laugh as the receipts boxes were literally stuffed to the brim and I would not have relished going through that little lot for any amount of money.

The audit was going to take weeks and we forgot all about it until we got a call from him to highlight something they had found. He asked if we knew anything about a swaps element to our mortgage and I said that I had no idea what he was talking about. He asked me a load more questions and at the end said he thought that the bank had mis-sold the product.

We have started our swaps mis-selling claim

The accountant introduced us to a legal firm that specialised in this field and who had worked with him in the past and who had won cases for his clients over the past twelve months. We met with them little over two weeks ago and they have confirmed that we have indeed been mis-sold the product they added into our mortgage and that they are happy to take on the bank in question on our behalf.

We have started the process now and luckily for us the case has been taken on a no win no fee basis and all we have had to do is take out some insurance to protect us from any potential losses although the solicitor has said this is very unlikely indeed. There confidence has been really infectious and we are now really excited to see what will happen.

It may not be millions but it is a very big amount and apparently this is normal when it comes to these kind of swaps claims. It is now in the hands of our solicitors and they have been marvelous throughout the early part of the process. They are already in contact with our old bank and the signs are really positive. They have started a open conversation with them and the bank seems to be responding with they want to do a deal to prevent this case going to court and that is great news as the whole process should now be speeded up.

Now all that is left is to see what happens with our swaps claim and that should become clear over the next week weeks when we here from http://www.triumphlegal.co.uk

Name plaques for a big conference

Last minute name plaques job for a conference

Big job on doing name plaques

As always with a huge job people always leave the seemingly non essentials until the last minute and we have just taken a massive order for name plaques that are needed for next week for a huge conference. They are a really big client so we can’t complain but it would be so much easier with a bit of notice as we are having to reshuffle and work really long hours at the moment to get the job as well as everything else we have on done to deadlines.
Printing is such a huge part of any conference when you really stop and think and I can’t understand why something so important gets left until last to sort out and book in. Maybe its the payment terms or budgets but getting the job booked in early regardless of the invoice is always wise as a printers can then plan workload and manage staff levels to suit.

Our name plaques project will get done

Our game is about not letting the customer down as printing is a cut throat industry and if we can’t do the job one thing is for sure and that someone else is waiting to pick up the ball and run with it. This client is one we cannot afford to lose, they buy a huge amount through us and this is one of our biggest clients and they have been for three years. We always aim to super serve this customer but a job like this does need a bit of planning and so this one is taking up a huge amount of our time at the moment. A big job like this is often seen as something that magic’s its way to the conference but with printing crying and cutting its the sort of job that takes ages and can throw up issues from all different angles so ideally you really want to give your printers a bit of time to check the job in and make sure all the artwork is ready to go.

Organising this year’s name plaques

We are all over this years project and the name plaques will be done by the end of the week ready to be cut packaged and booked in to be sent for when they are setting up the conference next week. We have had to do a whole heap of other last minute bites as well for this as its amazing after seeing a venue and setting up the space how ideas flood in to fill the space and attract the potential audience.
We have had orders from everything from huge banners for outside to flags and internals like posters, brochures and the last minute name plaques and once done the total spend with us will be very nice indeed.http://www.stonesign.com

New job at a sign makers

My new sign makers position

Just got a job at a sign makers

I have been looking to change job and applied for a tonne of jobs last month eventually getting on at a sign makers in Norwich. I really wanted to get involved in the print industry and so went for lots of jobs in this field but the competition for jobs out there is really fierce at the moment and one chap told me over 300 people went for a trainee position he had. I didn’t even hear back from lots of the jobs I applied for but I did score about ten interviews which was really good I thought.

Some of the jobs meant a heap of travelling so although I would have taken them in a second I did have a shortlist of two jobs I really wanted to get. One was at a big printers in Norwich that specialised in large scale print work like brochures, flyers and stationery etc and the other a much smaller outfit that were specialist sign makers.

Just got a job at a sign makers

The day of the sign makers interview came it was ideal for me as I live about 10 minutes walk away from the unit they are in. I was nervous but the guys interviewing me were the owner and his sone and to be honest they were really relaxed about the whole thing. They even said it was mainly about the personality of the successful candidate not the experience as it was such a small team he wanted the eventual person to fit in with the fun and relaxed attitude he had created within the business.

We got on really well as we liked similar things and I wanted the job even more when I left, understandably they told me lots of people had applied and they would let me know but also they wanted someone appointed quickly as they had loads of work on and needed the help. The next day I got the call from them to say they really wanted me to start as soon as I could.

Current boss let me leave for the sign makers job

I went straight into speak to my current boss and to be honest he was as good gold about it all and even said I could leave whenever I wanted and he would sort out cover for my notice period. I always got on really well with him and he knew this was something I really wanted to do and so said he didn’t want to stand in my way or cause me problems with the new job so I finished up the week and got ready for the new challenge that started on the Monday.

I was so excited over the weekend, I could not wait for Monday to come and start my new job as a sign makers. The weekend dragged for a change but soon enough it was Monday and it was great to get in and meet everyone at the sign makers to get down to a new job and fresh challenge. http://www.printsauce.co.uk

second hand wood burning stoves in Europe

In Europe its easy to find second hand wood burning stoves

The second hand wood burning stoves market

It gets really cold in Prague and for that matter Eastern Europe in the winter and so second hand wood burning stoves are widely available across the country. When I arrived in Norwich all those years ago I thought stoves would be as widespread in their use as back home but I was very surprised to find out how rare they were.
Things have changed and you see far more about and also many more shops and showrooms selling these woodburning stoves. Whereas in the UK the amount of second hand wood burning stoves available to buy is a bit limited across Europe you find them everywhere from the local paper to little antique and second hand shops.
You will often see a little second hand shop with a few sat outside and if you are a bit creative with a can of stove paint and a few bits and pieces you can restore even pretty used ones to look fantastic.

Finding second hand wood burning stoves in Britain

In the UK what there is about is valuable and believe it or not second hand wood burning stoves will fetch almost as much as brand new ones. There is not a great deal to go wrong with a woodburner and so a few parts or a tin of stove paint is often all you need to make an old stove look like new. If you are going down the route of second hand wood burning stoves it is always best to do some research into it first.
From the size of stove you need to the different brands I would suggest really looking into it especially if its a second hand stove you are thinking about. You won’t get a warranty so its best to be sure before you commit that this is the right stove for you and won’t overheat the room or not provide enough to keep your home nice and warm.
There are many cheap stoves on the market and often these find there way onto the second hand wood burning stoves market probably because people realise that they have bought cheap and got cheaper. You want to be very careful about this as they are often terrible quality and prone to warping and breaking. They look fine but a close inspection will show them up with weak looking hinges and handles and the grates and firebricks will look flimsy and cheap if you look closely. When buying second hand wood burning stoves though you will often not be able to view up close so brands are a great way of ensuring you don’t pick up a cheap imported stove.

Good luck with your second hand wood burning stoves search

Hope you have found this useful and I wish you the best of luck in your search for second hand wood burning stoves with a bit of luck you will find yourself a bargain and start to enjoy both the lifestyle and cost savings a real wood fire will bring to your home.

Getting a free bet no deposit offer

Vegas or a free bet no deposit offer

Free bet no deposit gambling is the way to go

I am nuts about betting and the huge array of websites offering free bet no deposit deals is the best thing to happen in the gambling world since Las Vegas was born.The bright lights and incredible buzz of Las Vegas really is something but the next best thing is available without the long haul flight and at everyones fingertips. A quick look online will give you a huge list of websites offering free bet no deposit offers all slightly different but with one main benefit in that you won’t have to part with a penny to play.

The sheer number of these websites will mean you can gamble risk free for ages and with new ones being launched all the time there really has never been a better time to log on and get your first free bet no deposit offer. Its dead simple, you just follow the simple instructions which are normally to fill in your basic details and add your card details ready for if you want to add funds once your free bet no deposit bonus has been all used up.

Your free bet no deposit bonus is in, now the fun starts

Your free bet no deposit bonus has been added to your new account and you are ready to rock but what can you bet on? The variety online is as wide as any bookmakers offering, from Bingo to poker the list is endless and most will offer ones of these deals to get you to sign up with them.
My favourite websites as you will have probably guessed are the casino ones and lucky for me these often offer the biggest opportunities for free bet no deposit welcome bonus amounts. I have found some that could get you thousands in free bets and all without the need for a deposit.
Although the casino websites are common there are so many different genres covered from game specific websites like poker sites to sites that specialise in slots and everything in between.
As well as websites dedicated to casino games there are so many other genres of gambling available to you online it would be crazy not to try out some new things. I have enjoyed finding free bet no deposit offers covering all manner of games and betting and have really enjoyed trying out different types of gambling without the worry of losing my own cash whilst I learn the ropes. This type of risk free approach is great for newbies and have meant that I can try out lots of news games without needing a cash outlay to try.

Free bet no deposit deals are not the only way

As well as the free bet no deposit offers I mentioned there is another offer that is readily available online and that is the deposit based deals. For those who know what you like these can be a good option as the bonuses are very often bigger and better.
Whether you go down the free bet no deposit or the deposit based offer route enjoy yourself and let me know if you win! http://www.freebetsinternational.com