Name plaques for a big conference

Last minute name plaques job for a conference

Big job on doing name plaques

As always with a huge job people always leave the seemingly non essentials until the last minute and we have just taken a massive order for name plaques that are needed for next week for a huge conference. They are a really big client so we can’t complain but it would be so much easier with a bit of notice as we are having to reshuffle and work really long hours at the moment to get the job as well as everything else we have on done to deadlines.
Printing is such a huge part of any conference when you really stop and think and I can’t understand why something so important gets left until last to sort out and book in. Maybe its the payment terms or budgets but getting the job booked in early regardless of the invoice is always wise as a printers can then plan workload and manage staff levels to suit.

Our name plaques project will get done

Our game is about not letting the customer down as printing is a cut throat industry and if we can’t do the job one thing is for sure and that someone else is waiting to pick up the ball and run with it. This client is one we cannot afford to lose, they buy a huge amount through us and this is one of our biggest clients and they have been for three years. We always aim to super serve this customer but a job like this does need a bit of planning and so this one is taking up a huge amount of our time at the moment. A big job like this is often seen as something that magic’s its way to the conference but with printing crying and cutting its the sort of job that takes ages and can throw up issues from all different angles so ideally you really want to give your printers a bit of time to check the job in and make sure all the artwork is ready to go.

Organising this year’s name plaques

We are all over this years project and the name plaques will be done by the end of the week ready to be cut packaged and booked in to be sent for when they are setting up the conference next week. We have had to do a whole heap of other last minute bites as well for this as its amazing after seeing a venue and setting up the space how ideas flood in to fill the space and attract the potential audience.
We have had orders from everything from huge banners for outside to flags and internals like posters, brochures and the last minute name plaques and once done the total spend with us will be very nice indeed.

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