second hand wood burning stoves in Europe

In Europe its easy to find second hand wood burning stoves

The second hand wood burning stoves market

It gets really cold in Prague and for that matter Eastern Europe in the winter and so second hand wood burning stoves are widely available across the country. When I arrived in Norwich all those years ago I thought stoves would be as widespread in their use as back home but I was very surprised to find out how rare they were.
Things have changed and you see far more about and also many more shops and showrooms selling these woodburning stoves. Whereas in the UK the amount of second hand wood burning stoves available to buy is a bit limited across Europe you find them everywhere from the local paper to little antique and second hand shops.
You will often see a little second hand shop with a few sat outside and if you are a bit creative with a can of stove paint and a few bits and pieces you can restore even pretty used ones to look fantastic.

Finding second hand wood burning stoves in Britain

In the UK what there is about is valuable and believe it or not second hand wood burning stoves will fetch almost as much as brand new ones. There is not a great deal to go wrong with a woodburner and so a few parts or a tin of stove paint is often all you need to make an old stove look like new. If you are going down the route of second hand wood burning stoves it is always best to do some research into it first.
From the size of stove you need to the different brands I would suggest really looking into it especially if its a second hand stove you are thinking about. You won’t get a warranty so its best to be sure before you commit that this is the right stove for you and won’t overheat the room or not provide enough to keep your home nice and warm.
There are many cheap stoves on the market and often these find there way onto the second hand wood burning stoves market probably because people realise that they have bought cheap and got cheaper. You want to be very careful about this as they are often terrible quality and prone to warping and breaking. They look fine but a close inspection will show them up with weak looking hinges and handles and the grates and firebricks will look flimsy and cheap if you look closely. When buying second hand wood burning stoves though you will often not be able to view up close so brands are a great way of ensuring you don’t pick up a cheap imported stove.

Good luck with your second hand wood burning stoves search

Hope you have found this useful and I wish you the best of luck in your search for second hand wood burning stoves with a bit of luck you will find yourself a bargain and start to enjoy both the lifestyle and cost savings a real wood fire will bring to your home.

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