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Welcome and I hope you enjoy

Hi and I would like to thank you for visiting and reading about me and my thoughts. I am from the Czech Republic and moved to Norwich to stay with my long term girlfriend who I am now happily married too.

My home town is Prague and what started as a typically Eastern European city is now a crazy tourist hotspot famous to the stag and hen parties for cheap beer and a relaxed attitude towards strip clubs. You would not recognise the place now I remember a much tamer city a very beautiful city with stunning architecture and historical monuments.

I still love going home

I have been here for ten years now but still love going home no matter how much it has changed. A few miles out of the city centre and its very much as it used to be and now I am on British wages the ludicrous price of beer means I always have an awesome time when I return.

I have a brother that is still leaving in the centre of Prague and a sister in a beautiful village about 30 minutes by car from my brothers. I am still very close to both and we talk on Skype every week and email almost daily.

I bet you will keep coming back

I love sport and casino’s and have been to Las Vegas twice so far, travelling is a big thing for me and luckily my wife loves to get away to exotic places too.
We go away to experience different cultures and places as often as possible as we want to make the most of it before we start a family and are not able to get away as often as we would like.
I do hope you like what I have to say and please feel free to comment on any of my posts.

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